R/A is performance collaboration between Ryan Wade Ruehlen and Adán De La Garza. Their primary source of interest lies in the format of the drum set as sonic research. The drum set serves as a perceptual and structural tool for studying and producing the "sounds of sociality," becoming a carrier of manipulated texts that connect and rupture between opposing forces. The drum, which signify humanity's root-method for sublimating violence, continues to carry ritualistic symbolism in contemporary cultures. R/A incorporates live percussion, found sound, digital sampling, and constructed noise. They view the drum set as an open-ended inquiry. These inquiries include varying versions and situations that become both acoustic instruments and the transmitting intermediaries of audio feedback.
Drumset Situations: Rope, performance at Denver Art Museum, 2018

Noise Propaganda, performance with drumset, MAX MSP patch, megaphone, microphone, text, 2015.

Cymbal Drumset, performance using instrument constructed out of various cymbals, angle grinders and dry ice, 2014. 

Speaker Drumsetperformance using instrument constructed out of speaker cones, drum set hardware, microphones, MAX MSP patch, 2013.  





Drumset Situations: Strobe

4 minute video loop / 16 duets performed simultaneously producing a "strobe" effect, compounding and compressing both the auditory and visual elements into a fractured rhythm

Drumset Situations: Rotation

5 minute video loop / 5 duets synced up to create a simultaneous and disorienting audio-visual field. using a camera that maintains a constant state of motion, the video places the viewer inside the vertigo inducing situation of the two players imprinted on to each others' frames and performed compositions.

Drumset Situations: Rope

10 minute video loop / two performers are tied together at the ankles and wrists, impeding one another from being able to play the drumset while the other is playing. The composition oscillates between conflict/struggle and cooperation/exhaustion. harmonies rise and collapse throughout, highlighting the difficulty of composing anything "new" in an over-saturated media world.